Saturday, December 16, 2006

Building Healthy Habits

Eating no carbohydrates is a little bit harder of a healthy habit to accomplish. There are simple sugars in a lot of things. Juices. Crackers. Breads. I think I may need more than a week to work through this one.

Here are some strategies:

-- drink only water and tea

-- don't give in to chocolate cravings when I have my period

-- use whole wheat flour to coat things before I pan sear scallops. I used white flour the other day and felt bad about that.

-- bring healthy whole grain breads with me when I go somewhere, such as the gym.

-- stay away from sports drinks and fitness bars (even though I run). These things are filled with sugar. If I do need a simple carb because of running, I will only consume honey either with water or in the form of a honey stick.

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