Saturday, February 18, 2006


Paintball is an interesting sport. The main point is to shoot each other with paintball guns and see which team or person wins. I've never played it but I always thought it would be neat. I heard the paintballs hurt when they hit you, and I am sure the "paint" is difficult to wash. But still, it looks like great fun. :-)

Ergonomic Office

Have you been experiencing back, neck, shoulder, or wrist pains? What is your office like? Is your chair too high? Desk too small? These factors can affect posture. Instead, buy equipment such as commercial office chairs and desks and special keyboards that are specially designed to prevent injury. If you do have an injury, make sure you see your doctor.

Family Vacation in Florida

The kids want to go to Disney World. Your husbamd wants to go fishing. And you- well all you really want to do is sit on the beach. Fortunately, you can have all of these things in Florida. When booking your vacation, consider staying in one of the many Florida vacation rentals. Look online or contact an agency who can rent one for you. With a vacation rental you have all the luxuries of home on your trip.


Would you like to begin investing? I know that sometimes investments can seem scary. Losing money is definately a reality. But so is making money. Stock option investing is something to consider. So are money market accounts and roth IRA's. Consider contacting a financial advisor to help you make decisions.

Precious Metals- natural beauty investments

Precious metals are a gorgeous part of the earth. Their colors and beauty inspire art and make great gifts. Add them also to the list of possible investments. Are you interested in precious metals investing? Remember to gather information before you begin and get precious metals quotes. Make sure you are choosing this investment option for reasons other than just admiring their beauty.

you need auto insurance

Most places require that you have auto insurance. Are you worried that you'll spend too much money? Before you settle on a company you should get auto insurance quotes from different companies. Do your research. Make a list of potential companies and choose one that has the features and prices that best fit your needs.

Mothers Day

This is just a reminder to say that Mother's Day is coming up. Do you have something planned for your mom? Do you plan to spend time with her? Send her some Mothers Day flowers to start the day off. It will be a nice surprise when she answers the door. Then, take her out for dinner or make her favorite meal to show her you care.