Thursday, February 24, 2005

I feel spring

I know Spring is coming. Part of me doesn't want to admit it, but it is. I didn't seem to get enough of the winter. We had plans to go snow mobiling and sledding. So far, we haven't done either.

The other part, the gardener/runner/herbalist, has absolutely no problem admitting the change of season. Running in the freezing cold isn't as fun. In fact, my favorite time of year to run is in March and April, when the sun shines but the air is still cool. Running in the dead heat of the summer is almost as bad as running in the frigid temperatures. Almost.

I am starting to make plans for my first spring herb walk. We've moved from last year, and I am eager to discover the native flora. We are in Utah at the moment and I was delighted to see that the chickweed was thriving and in flower. I would love to pick some for a salad, but I have no idea if the lawn has been treated with chemicals or not.

I can't wait to start my seeds. I have some oregano and cilantro just pushing up from the soil. This is the first time I am able to start a garden and I can't wait.

So, in this journal I will chronicle all things healthy, herbal, and culinary. I will share recipes and their outcomes, tea blends, exercise, and my gardening adventures.

Oh, one more thing. I signed up for the Self Challenge today. ( I did the challenge last year, and I lost almost 15 pounds. I am maintaining at the moment, but am always looking to better my health. If you are looking for a complete program to help you get healthy, I highly reccomend it. Plus, you get a chance to win some neat prizes. If you are one of the first 2000 people or so to sign up, you get body wash! I wonder if I made it....

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