Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hiking in the White Mountains this Weekend


We're going hiking this weekend and that got me thinking. I love hiking, even in winter. In fact, I'll hike in any weather as long as I have the right hiking boots. I remember once I submerged my foot in water during the winter. My boots were really cheap and falling apart, and water started to leak through. The boots I have now would make an excellent gift for someone because they keep my feet dry no matter what.

In terms of gift giving (and I know it's that time of year) boots such as hunting boots are a great idea. When out in the woods, if your feet are unhappy (cold, wet, too hot) then you won't have as much fun as you had planned. At metboots.com you can find all kinds of boots that will make great gifts - and you even get free shipping for orders $100 or more.

Stay Slim During the Holidays

You know, just because it's the holidays - it doesn't mean you have to overeat. Yes, we attend gatherings with buffets and elaborate desserts. And, what's Christmas without your favorite treats?

Instead of depriving yourself of them, eat them. Just slice a smaller piece and make sure that you also put some fruit in your plate.

One thing I like to do is go for a run in the morning on a day where I know I'll be eating more than usual. It helps. Then, after I eat, I try to go walking. Burning calories is always a good thing on days like that. Before leaving for my parents' house on Thanksgiving, my husband and I both went running.

Other than that, eat healthy foods when you're at home. Don't fall into the trap of "losing it" for the whole month - that's when the pounds creep on.

Travel is Good for the Soul - Try Ireland!


I love traveling. It's so fun learning about another culture. I've been all over the UK but one place I haven't been yet is Ireland. When I do go, I'll need to find a hotels such as dublin hotels. But I'm intrigued, especially with a city like Dublin - we came close to going this past October, but it didn't work out.

There are so many places to visit in Ireland such as Dublin, where you can see places like Dublin Castle and the Guiness Sorehouse, Newcastle (in which case, you'll need some newcastle hotels) where you can see places like The Quayside, and Leeds.

If you decide to go, you'll want to book your trip in advance, especially during peak tourist season or during one of their famous festivals. And, make sure you take some time to venture away from the cities and observe country life.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Relaxation and Travel


Sometimes, the only way we can truly relax is if we take a vacation. And relaxing is important to help keep stress levels down. If we spend so much time working, then that can make our stress levels rise. This can put a toll on our bodies and cause us to gain weight. In fact, it can cause all kinds of health problems.

That is why you should try to book a trip at least once a year. And, it is a good idea to book things like Hoteles online. Espanol.hotels.com is a website where you can book your arrangements and it is designed for the Spanish - speaking community in the United States. It's definitely worth a look.

Getting Back into Running

In fact, I may be running a marathon in April. I'm getting back in the habit of running several times a week. For a while, tae kwan do was my main cardiovascular training. If I am going to get in shape for a possible marathon and winter hiking, then I need to run.

The proposed marathon is Vienna on April 27. I'll need to start training in a few weeks. Today I ran three miles on the treadmill. It takes me at least a mile to get focused. Once I get in the zone, running actually becomes fun. But it takes a good 10-13 minutes into the run for me to get to that place.

Holiday Weight Loss Diet - Fat Fighting Foods

During the holidays, sometimes it can be hard to lose weight or even prevent yourself from gaining weight. The buffet table is loaded with things that are not good for you - Things that are high in calories and fat.

But, not all foods are bad. It is possible to make great food choices throughout the holidays, no matter what you are faced with at your festive holiday gatherings. In fact, you can actually lose weight by eating certain foods.

The fact is, there are a lot of Fat Fighting Foods. If you eat them, you'll get the results you want, no matter what time of the year it is.

This isn't a food - but I know that green tea can help burn fat. Three cups of green tea a day help you burn an additional 90 calories per day. Not bad!

Losing Weight During the . Holidays

I have put myself in the difficult situation of needing to lose weight during the holidays. I am packing on some extra pounds, and I want them all to be gone. I tell myself that it shouldn't be that hard to do it, but I have been thinking about how I want to lose weight for some time.

I just haven't done it. I haven't really made the commitment.

So here it is, the holidays. This is the time of year where there are lots of tasty baked goods and plenty of holiday gatherings filled with food.

What's my plan?

To wake up, weight myself, and log everything I eat. And go for a three mile run. I know I can do this.

Training to Run an April Marathon

It's that time of year again - if you are training to run an April Marathon, you'll either need to start training soon, or your training should be well underway. A good training program lasts about 18 weeks.

Which marathon do you want to run? Boston is probably the most popular. Off the top of my head I know the Big Sur marathon in CA is also in April, and so is Vienna.

Do you want to run your first marathon? Now is as good a time as anyway. Pick one, and then choose a training program that makes sense for your fitness level. This is the one I chose when I ran my first marathon:


I used the novice plan.