Friday, November 23, 2007

Building a List for your health company


Do you want to succeed? Do you operate your business online in any way? No matter if you have a brick and mortar health business or an online business, building a list can help you make more money. To build it quickly, you will need a list broker. A list broker is someone who helps you build it by doing research and finding people who will want to buy your product. Not all list building tools are effective. However, Martin Worldwide has a system that is not only effective, it can really help you increase your income. The secret to their success is their extensive database. A lot of people who have health related businesses are very passionate about what they do. Unfortunately, if you don't have the potential customers and you don't let people know that your product or service is out there, you won't be able to spread the word and help people through your company.

Have You Watched Planet Earth?

I saw part of only one episode, but the little bit that I saw - I was really impressed. It is wonderful that there is a series that helps show people the beauty of the planet. Perhaps if more people knew how special it was, they wouldn't abuse it. Today when I was mowing the lawn, you wouldn't believe how much garbage I picked up from the grass. As a start, why not throw your trash away instead of on the ground? It can actually hurt the eco system. Metal from cans may kill certain creatures, and birds could strangle themselves on those plastic 6 pack rings. Everything we do, whether good or bad, has some kind of an impact.

Vote For Your Favorite Animal on Animal Planet

There are tons of species that are facing extinction because of the current state of our planet. Animal Planet is currently doing something where they are having people vote on their favorite animal. You can vote once a day, and each time you vote the network will donate one dollar to the World Wildlife Fund. This can really add up - especially if you tell everyone you know to do the same!

Tea tree oil for dental health

Tea tree oil is one of my favorite things to use to keep my teeth and gums healthy. I remember my husband said he had a cavity and he had to go back to the dentist in a few weeks to have it filled. I had him put a drop of tea tree oil on his toothbrush with his toothpaste before he brushed his teeth. He did what I told him to do, and when he went to the dentist, the dentist said there was no cavity there and he could go home. The dentist assumed the xray was wrong, but I knew better! :)

More Health Articles at

I write seven new health articles each month for so it is worth it to check out my profile often. Plus, there is a forum there and you can go and ask your health questions. I'll do my best to answer them. I am an herbalist, so I can answer questions about alternative remedies the best. I'll be publishing several more articles this month, including one on wheat grass an another on herbal remedies for nausea.

Going to School Can Enrich Your Life


Have you given going back to school any thought? If so, it could enrich your life. Plenty of people out there realize that they either need a career change, or that they simply can't afford the time or the money to go to a school that has an actual campus. That's why online schools like capella university are so important. Capella is an accredited school that is completely online and offers a wide variety of programs. Basically, if you want to go to school online, this is a school with a good reputation that may have what you need. So many of us are in jobs that we don't like. Why not take your life to the next level by getting your degree and changing your career?

Healthy Eating After Thanksgiving

If you're like most people, you overate (big time) during Thanksgiving. Thankfully there are some things that you can do to help relieve the bloating and prevent excessive weight gain. Here are some of my best tips:
  • Drink green tea - one cup of green tea helps you burn an extra 80-90 calories.
  • Put lemon in your water - the lemon will help your liver detox the extra fat and any alcohol you may have eaten.
  • Exercise - go to the gym, go for a run - do something at least two days out of the long weekend.
And most of all, eat healthy the rest of the week!

Healthy Christmas Gifts

Healthy Gourmet Basket

When it comes to giving and receiving Christmas gifts, baskets are always a good choice - especially those that involve either gourmet food, fruit, or spa products. I found a healthy gift basket from

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves to eat healthfully but needs to find some variety. Click on the image to view this basket and other choices from

Collecting Coins Can Be Lucrative


As someone who cares about the earth around me, I understand that it is filled with precious metals and precious resources. These precious metals have been mined for centuries and have been valued highly since ancient times. That's why when it is time for me to invest, I think about purchasing things such as a morgan silver dollar because of how valued it is. In fact, Monaco Rare coin is a company I would strongly consider doing business with because it is part of the Monex company group. I've come to understand Monex as a well established company when it comes to dealing with precious metals and coins because of how safe and secure they are. They also have a great reputation. The benefit to buying silver coins is that you are not only investing in the metal itself, but also dealing with the collection aspect of the business. Monaco Rare Coin employs tons of experts that can help you out.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How to Lose Weight During the Holidays

Have the extra pounds been creeping on? I know that the holidays are here. So, you may think that it is a lost cause - that you should just wait until all of this is over.

The problem with that is you may find that you've gained even more weight.

Why not try to lose weight during the holidays anyway? Think about how many times you actually go out and meet up with friends and family. Once, twice a week? You can still work on losing weight 5-6 times a week.

I've heard of people who give themselves one day a week where they can eat anything they want. They do just that, and they still meet their weight loss goals fairly quickly.

Just learn how to manage your portions, and only eat those holiday treats when you are with your loved ones.

Do you want an extra boost? The Weight Loss Black Book is filled with advice and inspiration on how to lose weight quickly and effectively. The plan is healthy, and you eat 5-6 times a day. You can't go wrong with that!

How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

The holidays are wonderful time to get together with family. Most of us do a lot of eating and drinking while we spend time with our loved ones. Between the extra calories and the fact that it is cold and flu season - it is hard to stay healthy.

I wrote an article over at on How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays. It focuses on weight control and techniques you can use to keep the pounds off.

And, if you have a cold or came down with the fly, I've written some articles that will help. Check out my complete profile to find what you need.

Friday, November 02, 2007

What to do if you Have a Sinus Infection

I have a constant problem. It seems that every time I get a cold, I either end up with a sinus infection or I end up pretty close to getting one. One thing I noticed is that if I feel one coming on, I can usually stop it using natural means, such as peppermint tea or a powerful nutritional supplement designed for that purpose.

In my research, I realized that taking antibiotics all the time is not the answer because it can strain our immune systems. The goal is to beat a sinus infection before it starts. And if I can't do that, I'd much rather give myself a day or two to see if natural methods work out well. Of course, I know that there is a point where I may need to see a doctor.

Check out the article I wrote on How to Use Peppermint for Sinus Pain.