Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Putting together an investing plan


I have been working hard saving and investing my money. I decided to invest 20% of everything that I earn. One of the things I think makes a great investment are gold coins. If you are thinking of investing in gold, silver, or other coins the Monex company has it down to a science. They allow you to buy the coins and they deliver it in a secure way. I know that when it comes time to investing in percious metals, Monex is a great option. Are you hesitating as to whether or not you want to invest in precious metals? Well consider this. They never go out of style. For centuries, they have been valued and prized.

Craving Stinging Nettle while Running

I lived in Germany when I first got into running. I followed each run with some stinging nettle infusion on ice. It was strong, green, and yummy. I also didn't get injured and I didn't have knee problems. Stinging nettle is a great sports recovery drink because it contains ingredients that can help heal connective tissue. That is definitely something I need.

Boston Marathon

My husband ran the Boston Marathon and I sat and watched him in Natick, MA. As I was sitting there I had the feeling that I REALLY missed running. I am out of shape for running - I am coming back from several injuries. So, I have started on a very gradual plan to run for 30 minutes straight. My next step after that is to build up a base so I can start training again. This time I am going to do it gradually and not jump in. That's how I got injured.