Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Using Progesterone


Menopause can be a difficult time, especially if your hormones or out of balance. That is why a lot of women turn to progesterone - it really helps them. Menopause is a natural part of life. But what isn't natural are all the painful side effects. The best way to take it is with a progesterone cream.

You can find natural progesterone cream at health stores, department stores, and online. But before you purchase a cream, such as bioidentical progesterone cream, it is important to do research about the product and the company. If you don't you may end up with a product that doesn't work or makes you feel worse.

Keeping Hair Healthy

I try to have healthy hair. I went through a period of time when I abused my hair. I got a perm. I used over the counter hair dye. I continually used my curling iron. Now, I don't do that anymore. I one went almost a year without getting a haircut, and my stylist said my hair was healthy.

Here's what I do:
  • I don't blow dry it
  • I only use a straight iron once in a while and I ALWAYS use ceramic ones, which are better for your hair
  • To defrizz I use leave-in conditioner
  • I don't use hair products
  • I was my hair only 2-3 times a week
That's really it. In winter, I sometimes apply oil before washing my hair.

Purchasing Organic Goods


One thing that I've learned is that organic is definitely the way to go. It is important to eat organic food, for example, because it is simply better for you. Not only are there no chemicals, which can harm your body, but they are also richer in vitamins.

I also like to purchase other organic products such as those for the body. Lotions and creams absorb into your skin. If these are full of chemicals they can harm you. Organic skin care is definitely important.

Organic health products are also important. When you take things like organic vitamins, you are feeding your body with the right things to keep you healthy.

Quick, Healthy Dinner Ideas

I've been on the go a lot lately. I find that unless I plan ahead or have some kind of dinner lined up that doesn't take long to make, I end up eating things that are bad for me. So to avoid it, I came up with a list of quick, healthy dinners.
  • Baked chicken breast with lemon pepper seasoning and a big salad
  • Salads of any kind, especially if veggies are pre-cut - add meat for extra protein
  • Homemade soup. I like to make a big pot when I have some spare time and then eat it throughout the week
I try to have at least one of these three things on hand for when I need a quick meal.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Get a Degree


Do you want to get a degree? Maybe you already have one and want to change fields. Or perhaps you just want to extend your education. I have found that higher education is very important. Capella is one of those schools you should check out. They have been doing this for a while and specialize in distance learning. They have all kinds of new programs, too. That means that you can easily find the degree that you want and that you have even more choices. Distance learning is a great way to make sure that you get your degree in time because you can fit it into your lifestyle. It also tends to be less expensive than some of the universities that are out there.

Trail Snacks

I love hiking. I have found that there are certain things I love to take with me on the trail and others I am not fond of. I don't like sports drinks, sports gels, and most fitness bars (except promax). But I LOVE the follwing:
  • honey
  • water
  • pretzels
  • baked lays potato chips
  • dried fruit
  • trail mix
  • granola bars
  • nuts

I have found that if I eat throughout the day, I have more stamina. These are easy foods to eat.

Eating Healthy on the Go

When we are in a rush, that is when it is likely to make bad food choices without thinking about it. Instead, try making it easy to make good choices. Here are some tips:
  • precut vegetables like carrot sticks and celery sticks and leave them in fridge
  • wash all fruits and veggies and let them dry before you put them in the fridge
  • make some sandwiches and put them in the freezer
  • premake things like pancakes and waffles. You can heat them up.
  • Learn how to make healthy granola bars, or find some at the store.
  • Look at the menu and order the healthiest item.

Direct Mail Service for Business Owners of all Industries


If you have a business, you should consider using a service to help you with your direct mail campaign. There is a company called Martin Worldwide that has a product called ResponseCom that can help you with your Travel leads. No matter what industry you are in, including health and fitness, this is something that can really help you keep track of your database and direct mail needs. They have a unique feature where they back their database up in print just in case the system crashes. However, they've been in business for around a decade so they have had a lot of practice getting things right. If you have a business, you know you need all the help you can get to make things easier.

Hiking in Mount Rainier

I went hiking five out of the last six days in the park. This was such a great way to explore the park! Because of all the hiking I've done, I've noticed an increase in leg strength. I've been hiking at least once a week since the summer began.

I would alternate a long hike with a short one. I did two long ones and five short onces. By short I mean three miles or less. I wonder if I've lost any weight?