Saturday, September 30, 2006

Having Money


Money is a good thing. If you have enough, that can certainly make your life easier. But to be a billionare? Oh my gosh, I can't even imagine having that much money. Whaqt would we do with it? There is a billionaire list. George Lindemann on List of Billionaires is one. And of course there are the people like Bill Gates who are billionaires. If you had all that money what would you do? Well, I would certainly quit my job that's for sure!



When it comes to politics, there is a lot going on. There are polics on the national level, the state level, and even on a town and county level. George Lindemann, George Bush, all the senators and representatives. It can be hard to keep track. But what happens when things go wrong with politicians? Maybe they said something wrong. Or maybe they simply made a mistake. Yes, people make errors in judgement. But that doesn't excuse the situation or the fact that the mistakes potentially affect a lot of lives.

Online auction sites

Using online auctions is a great way to save money when making purchases and make money when trying to sell your old things. Free eBay auction software can do a lot to help you with your online auction adventures. When it comes to online auctions, being organized is your best bet. This is especially good if you have a lot of auctions to keep track of. If you want to make money online, online auctions are not only a good place to sell your old things, but you can build an entire business selling new merchandise on them.

Losing Your Hair


There can be many reasons for losing your hair, and it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with genetics. Stress, a thyroid that's out of balance, certain medications, chemotherapy... these can all cause hair loss. Well, no matter what your reasons are, there's hope. Hair restoration New Jersy can help. They are a place that has all the latest techniques and methods as well as expert surgeons. Losing your hair can be embarassing and the option of replacing it is at least worth looking into.

The nose knows


Are you happy with your nose? If not, then perhaps rhinoplasty nose surgery is for you. Rhinoplasty can rebuild your nose until it is a shape that you are happy with it. But rhinoplasty isn't just for vanity purposes. There is a medical reason why people would want to rebuild their nose. If you have a deviated septum and/or you are constantly suffering from sinus problems, then this is worth considering. And, if the reason is medical, there is a good chance insurance will cover it.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Considering Life Insurance

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Monday, September 25, 2006

A Walk in the Woods

I've recently discovered that walking in the woods daily is great for your health. I believe that a lot of our modern sicknesses have a lot to do with the fact that we are away from nature. I started walking a few weeks ago, and now I get to feel the change of seasons first hand. The air smells different, the earth sounds different, and the leaves are starting to show some color. I love the morning for its brisk hair and dewy quality, but the afternoon is also a good time for me to go because I experience an energy dip after lunch and it perks me right up. I'm very happy I've started to take advantage of the trails by my house.

Other Infusion Herbs

In an earlier post I talked about how to make infusions. Well, stinging nettle isn't the only herb that is great as an infusion. Here are some more:

  • Red raspberry leaves- When preparing the infusion, mix one cup dried red raspberry with 1 tsp. dried mint. Red raspberry is high in tannic acid which can taste bitter. Red raspberry is a great herb for the female reproductive system.
  • Oatstraw- This is another great infusion herb. It is particularly good for the nervous system. Prepare the same way as the stinging nettle infusion. No mint is required because it has a mild taste.
  • Mullein- Mullein is also high in tannic acid so you will want to prepare this infusion the same way with mint, as described above. This is the herb to use if you have lung complaints such as asthma and chronic coughs.

Clearer Skin

An unexpected but very welcome benefit of my new herbal regimen is that my skin is clearer. I have Rosacea, and it has been acting up. This is one of the reasons why I thought my glandular system and hormones were a bit out of balance.

Burdock is known for being great for the liver and the skin.

Nettle is a blood cleaner and also great for the skin.

I am not sure what role dandelion would play in helping the skin.

Apple Season

Yum! Apples are in season. That means apple pies, apple sauce, and eating fresh, crisp apples. But that got me thinking. Is there anything else I can do that is different? Here's what I came up with.
  • dip apple wedges in chocolate
  • make a pancake syrup out of the apples
  • dip rings in batter and fry them
  • make apple slaw and season with lemon juice, cumin seeds, and nutmeg
  • cut in pieces then bake with goat cheese and serve on top of arugula

Stinging Nettle Infusion

Stinging Nettle infusion brings out the best in the nettle plant. Since it steeps for a while, more minerals come out of the plant and are available for absorption into your body. You can drink the finished infusion over ice, warm, or use it as a soup stock.

Here's how to make stinging nettle infusion:

  1. Put one cup of dried stinging nettle herb in a one quart jar
  2. Pour boiling water over the herbs.
  3. Cover and let steep on the counter 4-8 hours.
  4. After at least 4 hours, you can refrigerate, drink it, cook with it, etc.

I find that nettle is great for the adrenal glands, the connective tissue, and helps keep me energized.

Adrenal Exhaustion

I've been thinking a lot about Adrenal Exhaustion lately because I think it is something that is affecting me. The reason why I thought I may have it is because stimulants like caffeine knock me out and make me feel tired. But interestingly enough, I drink chamomile tea for energy.

So, I have been taking tinctures of burdock and dandelion, and drinking gallons of stinging nettle infusion. I'll put information about how to make stinging nettle infusion in another post. It's yummy!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Beautiful Hawaii

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Perpetual Learning

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Are you a perpetual student? Or do you simply need to get your degree for career advancement or a career change? Getting your bachelor degree online at Capella University is a great option for you. In an age where anyone can set up an online course, it is nice to know that Capella is accredited by the Higher Learning Commision. They have a lot of degree choices including business and information technology and have students from all over (around 16 000 of them). So if you need to go back to school for whatever reason, Capella is a great choice.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Search Engines

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When it comes to your success as a business online, you want to get people to visit your site. Search engine optimization is an important part of this. Google is in the beta testing stages for a program for the visually challenged. US Web is a proven industry leader for helping sites get great search engine rankings. The future seems to be working with google with the standards for the visually challenged. Is this the next direction for US Web? So far, US Web's strategy has worked out very well because when you look up something like "flowers" the pages attached to clients of US Web's are ranked really high.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Need to Get Away?

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I am going on vacation soon. It's fun to visit other places, experience other cultures, and do something completely fun. When you are considering places for your next trip, perhaps Orlando is on your list. Home to Disney World and plenty of other attractions, it makes a great place to go for all ages. When you buy or rent an Orlando vacation rental you have the best of both worlds- a vacation destination and a homey atmosphere. Vacation rentals give you all the comforts of home without the hassle and stress that your home life can often bring. Not to mention the fact that tourism in Orlando is hot and prospering so when you make a property investment, it could prove to be very profitable. And you have your choice of homes- there are so many choices from condos to historical homes.

Online Health

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When it comes to your health, you want to know that you are in the best hands, right? This often means having access to the best and most current information pertaining to drugs such as Celexa, etc. Well, Epocrates has a new, free online system that gives people access to this key information. Epocrates Online is an online database for health care. In this day and age, online media is important. It is good of Epocrates to stay current and make these things available.

Investing for the Future

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On the one hand, you want to invest your money. On the other, you don't agree with some of the business practices of certain companies so you don't want to do anything to help them out. This includes buying stocks from companies that do animal testing, for example. It may go against your beliefs. Gold is a great choice for you. The Monex company is devoted to help you invest in this and other precious metals and also arranges for safe delivery and storage. Gold is interesting because it is both a great investment and a thing of beauty.

Making Money with Your Herbal Business

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Do you have an herbal business? If so, profit improvement software could be a big help to you. Acorn Systems has a new software product that allows you to keep track of your profits. I know, this sounds highly technical. But no matter what business you have, your main concern is to make money. Your herbal business is no different. We could all stand to get some extra help when it comes to improving of efficiency.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Herbal Medicine To-Do List

Boy, I am so inspired. Here is my herbal to-do list for the week.
  • Wildcraft fresh herbs at my parent's house. Pick what I can, especially spearmint and plantain.
  • Using these fresh herbs, make some herbal honeys. Namely, a honey from spearmint and other aromatic herbs like oregano and rosemary and sage.
  • Get enough plantain from the house to experiment with in cooking.

Herb of the Week - Plantain - Links

The first herb in my Herb of the Week self study program is Plantain. I always start my studies off by finding links to relevant information. Here are the links, with a short description of each.

Plantain, A Modern Herbal - Plantain plant profile from A Modern Herbal

Wild Man Steve Brill- Link takes you to his main page but if you click on plants, Common Plantain is listed. Very good photographs.

Plantain Plant Profile

Profile and Salve Recipe

The amount of information out there is nearly overwhelming. So, I am limiting my links to this. If you have a link you would like to share, feel free to leave it in the comments.

Herb of the Week Program

Back when I first got into herbal medicine, one of the things that I did to help accelerate my learning was to implement the Herb of the Week program. Well, I've decided to resurrect it. But instead of doing it only on my computer, by myself, I decided to share my journey with all of you.

Each Herb of the Week lesson will include links, herbal information, recipes, and personal experience. So, that is four posts per week on the different herbs. Posting on my blog is a great way for me to keep my files organized, too.

Favorite Herbal Medicine Links

These are my favorite herbal medicine links. My bookmarks are pretty clogged and I couldn't think of a place to put them on my computer. This is a logical choice because now you all can enjoy them too!

Susun Weed - Herbalist
Rosemary Gladstar - Herbalist site and retreat center
A Modern Herbal - Online version
Steve Brill - All about wildcrafting

Herbal Medicine Revival

I just recently renewed my passion for herbal medicine. I've been researching and reviewing my old lesson materials from Australasian. I have a Diploma in Herbal Studies from them and had a positive experience with their program. Anyway, I am excited to be back into it. I don't know where it will take me, but for a while, I've felt far away from the plants and as a result I don't feel as healthy.

It took me a little over two years to complete the program. It is their most advanced program, and I am now a Master Herbalist. I've learned much from the course and much on my own. For example, one of my favorite plants, stinging nettle, was touched on only briefly in the course.

That's okay, I don't fault them for that. I learned about forty herbs in detail through the program. It just so happens that I have a few herbs that I've gotten attached to and am inspired to learn in depth.

I just wish I didn't have a deadline tomorrow, and one on wednesday. I would much rather be working on my fun projects than writing articles on guitar companies and time management.