Saturday, January 27, 2007

Do You Have a Health Business?

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If you have a health related business chances are you want to make money. Companies such as Acorn Systems have IT chargeback software that will help you in your quest to improve your profits. As with any business, your main goal is to get clients and customers and have them use your products or service. Well, even if you are doing pretty well, chances are there could be some room for improvement. To help you achieve success they use a consulting method. Consultants are trained at helping people and business achieve their fullest potential. So whether or not you have an herbal business or have a health care business of some kind, Acorn Systems can help.

Winter Dry Skin Solutions

I have dry skin. Winter is here with a vengence and the temperature is cold and the air is dry. This is a recipe for disaster for skin, especially on my face and with my cuticles. Here are some things I will do:
  • drink plenty of water
  • apply cuticle oil
  • purchase a moisturizer that is thicker than my summer moisturizer
  • apply lotion on face, neck, and hands before going outside

Warm Up for a Good Workout

Warming up is essential for a good workout. Without a good warmup, you are setting yourself up for injury. Unfortunately, people who are fond of the weight room often neglect to warm up. One thing that I really like to do before hitting the weights, especially for the upper body, is to go on the rower. The rower works the muscles in your whole body including the upper body, unlike the bike and other equipment which only works the legs.

Finding a Good Lawyer

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Finding a good lawyer is important. Whether you need somemone to help you with a situation with environmental law or something else, simmons jannace & stagg is a law firm that is dedicated to help you win your case. They practice in New York, Conneticut, and New Jersey so if you live in other parts of the country you won't be able to hire them. But they have received a high peer rating and the criteria was based on both ability and ethics. Sometimes it can be a challenge finding a lawyer that is both good at what they do, and completely ethical. They have a lot of high profile clients too so you know you are in good hands if you decide to go with them. Staples, Coca Cola, Best Buy, K-Mart, and General Motors are only some of them. So if you need a good lawyer, check then out.

A Great Forum

I love visiting the forum at I am an herbalist and I sincerely believe in the herbal teachings of the "wise woman way". I don't get into the spiritual aspect of things that people touch on, but I find that the principals with the plants themselves are very good. In general, I try to use one plant a time and nourish my body with the right foods and herbs. These are two important concepts on the wise woman tradition. It is very intuitive.

Today's Upper Body Workout

I am on a quest to build muscle tone and strength. I feel that this will help boost my metabolism and help me lose weight. Even more importantly, it will make me feel better, healthier, and more energetic.

Today I worked the upper body for about an hour. I choose two exercises per muscle group (back, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps) and do three sets each. I also stretch in between each exercise instead of just sit around while I am resing. So far, I am pleased with the results because I feel like I am getting stronger.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Vacations Are Good For You

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Going on vacation is good for your well being. We live in a society that values work. As a result, we work hard. Often we work much harder than we need to. But work is stressful and this is bad for your health. Taking a vacation at an all inclusive resort is a good idea and can help relieve stress. When everything is located right at the place you are staying, planning the trip is a breeze. All you need to do is get to your destination and enjoy yourself. has recently changed things around to make it an even better resource for booking your trip. This is a one stop shop and can make your life a lot easier.

A List of High Protein Foods

Getting enough protein is my biggest challenge. Here is a list of foods that are high in protein and a good source of essential nutrients. As a side note, whenever I can I purchase organic, grain fed, and hormone free meats because it is better for you.
  • Fish and seafood
  • chicken and turkey
  • lean beef and other meats
  • lean pork
  • cottage cheese
  • low fat dairy products
  • soy products

My New Eating Plan

As you guys probably know, I have been following Body for Life for Women this past week. I am almost finished with the workouts- I just need to do one more upper body workout and one new cardio workout.

Today was the first day that I followed the nutrition plan. I feel good! Here is the plan:

Protein- 5 servings

Carbs- 5 servings

Fruits and Veg- at least 5 servings

Fats- 2 servings

My biggest challenge was eating less carbs and more protein. But perhaps that is the biggest link as to why I am injury prone and not building muscle quickly enough.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Flowers are Good For You

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Our indoor environments often lack the gentle and serene touch that live plant matter can give. Fresh flowers make us happy, no matter what they are for or who gave them to us. On the one hand, flowers make a great gift and can show a person that you love them. On the other, buying flowers for ourselves is also nice. Either way, choosing the best flowers for the purpose is a good idea. is a great place to purchase flowers because they are committed to providing the best and freshest flowers at the best prices. They have all kinds of choices and with Valentine's Day just around the corner it is never too early to place an order for The Big Day. So whether you need the flowers for an event or just to beautify your home, BeyondBlossoms is a great place to go.

Finding Your Weight Loss Motivators

In order for weight loss to be successful, you need to do more than just decide that you want to lose pounds to benefit your appearance. In order to make your weight loss truly successful, you need to find the ultimate thing that will motivate you to make wise decisions. These could be external, but they could also be internal. Here are some examples:
  • for your health
  • family
  • to look good
  • to be a role model

What are your motivators?

Setting Weight Loss Goals

When it comes to weight loss, it is a good idea to set goals. Goals can give you motivation and support. Weight loss goals will keep you focused and challenged in order to work. But you will find as you go through your weight loss plan that you need to have more than just a goal for the number of pounds. Setting a tangible goal such as fitting into an old pair of jeans or looking good for a special event are great motivators.

Conscious Investing

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When it comes to investing, it is a good idea to make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into. For someone who is earth conscious such as myself, I like to make sure that the investments I am getting myself into do not oppose with my values. For this reason, I find that investing in coins and precious metals is a good bet. To invest in coins you will need to find a coin dealer. Monex is an expert at dealing with coins and metals and they have the process down to a science. The reason why I like investments like that is because these things never go out of style- not like the "latest" in stock tips, etc which have been known to fail. So I get a double bonus. Investing that I believe in and investments that tend to do well.

My Exercise Plan for the Week

Each week, I seem to change my exercise plan. I've learned that I can't follow a strict "do these exercises every other day for six weeks" kind of plan because I like to change things around. But what I have learned is that I can designate certain days of the week to do certain activities or work certain muscle groups, and then decide what my plan will be from day to day.

Here is my current exercise plan:

Monday: Cardio
Tuesday: Upper body
Wednesday: Cardio
Thursday: Lower body/ abs
Friday: Cardio
Saturday: Upper body
Sunday: Rest

It is important to schedule in a rest day so your muscles can heal.

Body for Life for Women

Have you heard of Body for Life? In the face of a wide range of fads, body for life is a book that features a plan for diet and exercise that has nothing to do with going on a diet and everything to do with living a healthy life. Rules such as "no carbs" or "no fat" are nonexistent here. People who follow the plan are encouraged to eat a healthy, well balanced diet.

Well, I am currently reading the Body for Life for Women book because I know that I am not as healthy as I can be. I didn't want to follow the advice of someone who was trying to convince me to give up a major nutrient such as carbohydrates. I'm smarter than that. I am thrilled to have found this book and excited to follow the program. I am currently on Day 3 from Week 1 and things have been going well so far.

Self Confidence No Matter What

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It is important to have self confidence no matter what. Are you a few pounds overweight? Well that is no excuse to let your appearance go. The French have a special word (I forget what it is) for a "plus size" woman who is sexy and attractive. Extra weight does not mean that you need to dress like you are unhappy with yourselves. If you dress nice and make an effort in your appearance and project self confidence no matter what, you will be more likely to live the life you want. is an online shop that is designed to help you shop for your clothes even if you are in a rush. Find deals and fashions for different styles even if you are on a budget.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Learning About Herbal Medicine Resources

I like to visit my favorite sites every now and then to learn more about herbal medicine. Here are some herbal medicne websites where you can learn about herbs and their medicinal uses.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bladder Inflections

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Having a bladder infection is not fun. It hurts! But, I've always believed that true healing comes from taking a holistic approach. I don't like to take antibiotics unless it is really necessary. The last urinary tract infection I had I managed to fix it through a program of drinking plenty of liquids (water and cranberry juice) and also taking a lot of vitamin C and herbs such as echinacea. All of those things contain ingredients that helped heal it. Even though my regimen worked and I did not need antibiotics, I still had to take a lot of capsules and remember to drink a lot of water. It was worth it because I got healed, but it was also a pain.

I started to think, maybe there is a better way? If I could find something that could help heal bladder infections without antibiotics and without the hassle of going to the doctor but that isn't complicated, I would be very happy. I think I may have found what I was looking for in d mannose. D-mannose is a glyconutrient that can help a lot in these situations. Another thing that can help is to eat yogurt and buttermilk to help bring the good bacteria in your body back in balance. D-mannose helps maintain the health of the bladder and kidneys. So if you are prone to infection, it can prevent them. It can also help heal them. However, if you try it and you still get sick, and the infection just keeps getting worse, it is time to see a doctor.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yerba Mate Tea

I just drank a cup of Yerba Mate tea. I used to drink it all the time, but I pretty much forgot about it until I found it in a tea blend I bought today. Here are some of the benefits of Yerba Mate:

  • good for the mind
  • stimulating (contains a caffeine like substance that doesn't have the side effects caffeine does)
  • enhances concentration
  • mood uplifter
  • thermogenic and fat burning
  • been shown to bring more oxygen to the blood and heart
  • digestive problems
  • stamina

Monday, January 15, 2007

Eating Your Fruits and Vegetables


It can be a challenge to eat enough fruits and vegetables. We all know that they are good for us and that they provide healthy nutrients that our bodies require. But it is often impractical to expect to eat tons of fresh produce each day. Fruit Advantage is a product that helps people get the fruit they need without the hassle.

There are a lot of different products that can help supply fruits and vegetables in an easy to take form located at . And some of these products serve a specific purpose in addition to helping you "eat" your fruits and vegetables. The Fruit Advantage Cherry Prime product is one that helps the joints. Cherry has natural ingredients that helps the joints and it also contains glucosomine and chondroiton which are also good for the joints.

All of the products at Fruit Advantage are helpful in different ways. There is a formula that helps with Brain Support, one that helps your heart, and another that helps keep your joints healthy. All of these serve the purpose of helping you benefit from fruits and vegetables in your healthy lifestyle.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Food Combining - Fruit Breakfast

I have been food combining for the past two days. Or rather, I am starting to food combine. The first thing I have been focusing on is having a fruit breakfast. The rest of my food combining is not in place yet but the fruit breakfast is becomming routine.

The result? Too soon to tell so far. But I plan on at least loosely sticking with it so I can get healthier.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Dry Skin in Winter

Winter is a bad time of year for your skin and your throat. The cold, dry air strips your skin of any moisture. It can also cause sore throats. I hate it when that happens. I can tell when it is going to be a very cold day because my throat will get sore. Then, I'll be concerned that I am getting sick. Turns out, I am not sick. My throat is just dry. The solution is to buy a humidifier for your home. This puts the moisture back in. I found a great site that gives you a guide to buying a humidifier for your home. It contains really helpful information about buying a humdifier. I've used humdifiers and I know how helpful they are. There is nothing more soothing than having great skin. So visit for more information.

Stinging Nettle Infusion While Hiking

Last winter we went on a hike at the Welch and Dickey Trail in the mountains in New Hampshire. It was strenuous because I am a bit out of shape. During the hike, I got the most intenst craving for stinging nettle infusion.

I was thinking about it and I always seem to want some while exercising. And I have noticed that when I drink it, my recovery times are a lot better. So next time I hike I will bring some infusion. I may not drink it during the hike because it is a diuretic. But a nice big gulp after will sure feel good!

Shopping Online

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When it comes to online shopping, having a coupon is a good thing. Finding deals is a good feeling, especially when you know there are no other places around that offer such good deals. With all you need to do is enter the promo codes. WhenI shop, I like to stick to my favorite stores. Target is one of them. CouponChief has a good coupon on their site for 10% off until January 31. Check them out!