Saturday, May 07, 2005

Rose Calendula Soap Recipe

I found a great deal on melt and pour soap. So, I am making soap for mother's day! Here is the recipe. It is rough because I had to guess on the amount of soap to use.


Melt soap over double burner. (enough to pour into four rectangular soap molds)
Add crushed rose petals and calendula flowers. (I only added about 1.5 t. )
Add desired essential oils (Optional. I added ten drops each vanilla and orange).
Pour into molds and let cool.

That's it!


The soap is beautiful as is so I will just tie a pink ribbon around it. I think I may bake something somewhat healthy to go with it.

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wex21273787 said...

Great post and thank you for your calendula soap recipe! I am going to add a link to this page from my Natural Bath Products site.And if you do not mind, I will add your soap recipe to my collection of soap recipes here. thanks!