Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Allergy Season

It is allergy season so it's time to start taking precautions. In general, I like to consume more vitamin c and quercetin. But, since I don't really like taking a lot of vitamins (I do take a multi), I like to get it from food and herbs. Both C and Quercetin work together as an antihistimene. Basically I use my knowledge of herbal medicine and healing herbs to get me through!

Rosehips- this is my favorite herb for vitamin C. Look for a tea blend with rosehips or make a tea out of it plain.

Green Tea- One of my favorite herbs. Rich in quercetins which work well with vitamin C to help my allergies.

Stinging Nettle- I honestly forget why this herb works so well for allergies. I notice a difference in my allergies when I drink the strong infusion. (I described how to make an infusion here http://livingnaturally.blogspot.com/2005/05/stinging-nettle-brief-introduction.html).

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Deb said...

Hi K herine Huether, I had extra time today and was performing a search for new information about healing herbs when I came across your blog. I'm glad your post, Allergy Season, came up. Even though it's not quite what I was looking for in regards to healing herbs , I thought it was interesting. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing! Deb