Friday, May 06, 2005

10 minute calisthenics routine

I am one 10 minute routine away from meeting my exercise goal. I still need to do one long strength session and two cardio sessions with only two days left. I can definately do it, no excuses!

I am about to go do this 10 minute strength routine. I intended to do more today but ended up taking a nap and getting immersed in my work. I can still meet my goals for the week.

1 minute- squats
30 seconds- crunches
1 minute- plies
30 seconds- oblique crunch, one side
1 minute- push-ups
30 seconds- oblique crunch, other side
1 minute- calf raises
30 seconds- exercise for lower back
1 minute- tricep dips
1 minute- plyometric squat/jump
1 minute- bicep curl with exercise bands
1 minute- plyometric plie/jump

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