Monday, May 09, 2005

Exercise Goals May 9

I miss walking. When we lived in Germany, I used to walk a lot. The village was set up to encourage walking. I walked to the market, train station, post office... Sometimes my husband and I would go for long walks to the nearest monastary. ( Or to the lake. Or to a nearby town.

So in honor of that, I am adding one mile of walking every day. Even in the rain. I already went for my walk today.

In addition I will do:

A minimum of three cardio sessions.
A minimum of two strength sessions.

I didn't finish my workouts last week- I fell short by one cardio and one gym session. Not good. So, I am going to meet my goals this week!


Veracity said...

I like the stuff you have here... motivates me to do more looking after myself...

Ashar Edith said...

Way to go girl!

Katherine Huether said...

Thanks for the encouragement!