Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yerba Mate Tea

I just drank a cup of Yerba Mate tea. I used to drink it all the time, but I pretty much forgot about it until I found it in a tea blend I bought today. Here are some of the benefits of Yerba Mate:

  • good for the mind
  • stimulating (contains a caffeine like substance that doesn't have the side effects caffeine does)
  • enhances concentration
  • mood uplifter
  • thermogenic and fat burning
  • been shown to bring more oxygen to the blood and heart
  • digestive problems
  • stamina


Enariek Samoliek said...

Dried yerba mate tea contains around 1% available caffeine (ranging from 0.5-2%) when made into a tea with warm to hot water. Hot water appears to provide very good solubility for the caffeine and theobromine, although ethanol (alcohol) and super critical carbon dioxide have been investigated for commercial production of extracts. Boiling water reportedly extracts slightly (5-10%) more caffeine than cold or hot water steeping. It is said that boiled yerba mate tea is less pleasant tasting which may be the result of additional materials such as tannins and oils being extracted from the leaves in addition to caffeine.
Researchers at the Free Hygienic Institute of Homburg, Germany, concluded that even if there were caffeine in mate', the amount would be so tiny that it would take 100 tea bags of mate' in a six ounce cup of water to equal the caffeine in a six ounce serving of regular coffee.
Here´s a slide show in 9 steps to learn how to brew Yerba Mate the south american way:

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base said...

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