Friday, January 05, 2007

Stinging Nettle Infusion While Hiking

Last winter we went on a hike at the Welch and Dickey Trail in the mountains in New Hampshire. It was strenuous because I am a bit out of shape. During the hike, I got the most intenst craving for stinging nettle infusion.

I was thinking about it and I always seem to want some while exercising. And I have noticed that when I drink it, my recovery times are a lot better. So next time I hike I will bring some infusion. I may not drink it during the hike because it is a diuretic. But a nice big gulp after will sure feel good!


Sun Singer said...

Okay, where does one find this? I'm out of touch. I grew up where stinking nettles were all over the place, perfectly scattered about the landscape to maximize the odds I would brush against them while hiking. That, I hope, is NOT the kind of infusing you're talking about here!


Katherine Huether said...

Lol Sun Singer- It sure is the same. They sting only when they are fresh. When the plant dries, the stingers wear off.

When I lived in Germany I used to pick them all the time- I'd wear gloves. And they still managed to find the one exposed part of my leg just above my sock and under my pants hem.