Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Body for Life for Women

Have you heard of Body for Life? In the face of a wide range of fads, body for life is a book that features a plan for diet and exercise that has nothing to do with going on a diet and everything to do with living a healthy life. Rules such as "no carbs" or "no fat" are nonexistent here. People who follow the plan are encouraged to eat a healthy, well balanced diet.

Well, I am currently reading the Body for Life for Women book because I know that I am not as healthy as I can be. I didn't want to follow the advice of someone who was trying to convince me to give up a major nutrient such as carbohydrates. I'm smarter than that. I am thrilled to have found this book and excited to follow the program. I am currently on Day 3 from Week 1 and things have been going well so far.

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