Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hiking in the White Mountains this Weekend


We're going hiking this weekend and that got me thinking. I love hiking, even in winter. In fact, I'll hike in any weather as long as I have the right hiking boots. I remember once I submerged my foot in water during the winter. My boots were really cheap and falling apart, and water started to leak through. The boots I have now would make an excellent gift for someone because they keep my feet dry no matter what.

In terms of gift giving (and I know it's that time of year) boots such as hunting boots are a great idea. When out in the woods, if your feet are unhappy (cold, wet, too hot) then you won't have as much fun as you had planned. At metboots.com you can find all kinds of boots that will make great gifts - and you even get free shipping for orders $100 or more.

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