Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stay Slim During the Holidays

You know, just because it's the holidays - it doesn't mean you have to overeat. Yes, we attend gatherings with buffets and elaborate desserts. And, what's Christmas without your favorite treats?

Instead of depriving yourself of them, eat them. Just slice a smaller piece and make sure that you also put some fruit in your plate.

One thing I like to do is go for a run in the morning on a day where I know I'll be eating more than usual. It helps. Then, after I eat, I try to go walking. Burning calories is always a good thing on days like that. Before leaving for my parents' house on Thanksgiving, my husband and I both went running.

Other than that, eat healthy foods when you're at home. Don't fall into the trap of "losing it" for the whole month - that's when the pounds creep on.

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