Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Travel is Good for the Soul - Try Ireland!


I love traveling. It's so fun learning about another culture. I've been all over the UK but one place I haven't been yet is Ireland. When I do go, I'll need to find a hotels such as dublin hotels. But I'm intrigued, especially with a city like Dublin - we came close to going this past October, but it didn't work out.

There are so many places to visit in Ireland such as Dublin, where you can see places like Dublin Castle and the Guiness Sorehouse, Newcastle (in which case, you'll need some newcastle hotels) where you can see places like The Quayside, and Leeds.

If you decide to go, you'll want to book your trip in advance, especially during peak tourist season or during one of their famous festivals. And, make sure you take some time to venture away from the cities and observe country life.

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