Friday, November 02, 2007

What to do if you Have a Sinus Infection

I have a constant problem. It seems that every time I get a cold, I either end up with a sinus infection or I end up pretty close to getting one. One thing I noticed is that if I feel one coming on, I can usually stop it using natural means, such as peppermint tea or a powerful nutritional supplement designed for that purpose.

In my research, I realized that taking antibiotics all the time is not the answer because it can strain our immune systems. The goal is to beat a sinus infection before it starts. And if I can't do that, I'd much rather give myself a day or two to see if natural methods work out well. Of course, I know that there is a point where I may need to see a doctor.

Check out the article I wrote on How to Use Peppermint for Sinus Pain.

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