Thursday, March 27, 2008

Relaxing Herbal Tea Blend Recipe

There is something about drinking relaxing herbal tea that can really help keep you focused and stress free. If you can't find the herbs in your nearest health food store, check out All the herbs listed are dried.

Relaxation Herbal Tea Recipe

2 tbs. chamomile flowers
2 tbs. oatstraw
1 tbs. spearmint
1 tbs. rose petals
1 tsp. hibiscus
1 tsp. dried orange peels

Add all the herbs to an airtight amber glass jar. Shake to mix and store away from light. When ready for your tea, brew 1.5 teaspoons for every cup of hot water.

Do you want more information about relaxing herbal teas? Check out an article I wrote about it at ehow.

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