Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Herbal Sports Drink Recipe

In order to be able to run the long distances that I need to run, I have to consume electrolytes and easily absorbed carbohydrates during the longer runs. If you are going to do physical activity for an hour or more, you need to consume a sports beverage roughly every thirty minutes.

The problem is, I don't particularly enjoy sports drinks. I have a sensitive palate and I can tell that they have chemicals in them - such as the coloring used to make them have those funky colors. I try to avoid chemicals at all costs.

Plus, through trial and error, I realized that honey is the best endurance food for me. The bees have already predigested the carbohydrates so your body can absorb it easily. And if the honey is raw, it still has the enzymes in it. It also contains B vitamins.

So I came up with my own sports drink recipe using herbs and honey. It's fresh and filled with nutrients. That's my idea of a good drink! I published the recipe at ehow so you can click here to enjoy it.

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