Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Marathon Training Plan for This Week

I really need to get my act together in terms of training for the marathon I will be running at the end of April. I need to run at least 18 miles for my long run by the middle of April, which will give me two weeks to taper.

So for this week, this is what I need to do:

Wed- 4 mile run
Thurs -5 mile run
Sat - 3 mile run
Sun - 10 mile run

I ran seven miles for my long run last week.

This is my plan for next week

One 4 mile run
One 6.5 mile run
One 4 mile run
One 13 mile run

I don't know which days next week these runs will fall on because I will be on vacation! I'll be getting back on Sunday so the long run may need to be on Monday.

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