Friday, June 01, 2007

Listening to Music is Good for the Soul

Get 5 Free Songs Downloads with Rhapsody

I have a new addiction - This is a service that allows you to listen and download music. Doesn't sound like much but there are several addicting features to the site. First, I have expanded my musical interests and found new artists to enjoy such as Tarkan, Anberlin, Paolo Nutini, My Chemical Romance, The Used, and The Cribs. You can read reviews, view their staff suggestions, learn about new releases, and in general spend hours trying to take it all in and listen to music.

I think it is good to expand your musical tastes beyond what is on the radio. The radio gets old and boring quickly. I have never been one to follow the pack. But that's the beauty of rhapsody. If I do want to follow the pack I can listen to the latest by Justin Timberlake or Rihanna or the Pussycat Dolls. But it is MY choice, not some DJ's. I am my own DJ with this service. I love it!

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