Monday, June 04, 2007

Eating Right While on Vacation

I am on vacation right now. I am also trying to lose weight through Weight Watchers. I signed up for the online program. So far, I've three pounds which means that I have lost 1 pound a week.

Weight Watchers has two programs - Flex and Core. Flex is where you count the points. Core is where you learn how to eat healthfully. I started off on Flex and have decided to follow Core while away. Core is better because you eat from a group of foods and stop eating when you are full. Much less to think about while on vacation.

I've learned that part of developing a healthy relationship about food is to learn not to THINK about food too much. That means if I decide to have a cocktail, I drink it, enjoy it, and move on. Core works very well with this mentality. It teaches you how not to diet, but to develop thin habits that will end yo-yo diet and any struggles with weight.

Current Weight: 142
Pounds Lost: 3
Goal: 115

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