Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Eating Warming Foods

Fall is here, and I feel myself desiring foods that are warm and comforting as opposed to my summer cravings of fresh fruit and vegetables. Here are some of the things I've been eating, or thinking about eating.

Healthier Mac and Cheese. I love this dish. I don't have a recipe for a healthier version yet. If I figure one out, I'll post it. I love the made from scratch way, but in a pinch the boxed kind will do. I think the boxed mac and cheese has a lower fat version on it. (But I could be imagining that). I try not to eat the boxed kind because they usually use orange cheese which I find disturbing and unnatural.

Stir fries. I like to keep my vegetables slightly crunchy. This seems to be a good transition food into winter. It is both warming and filled with vitality due to the firmness of the vegetables. Seems to be a good "in between" summer and winter dish.

Soups. Actually, I could eat warm soups all the time, even in summer. My favorites are minestrone, bean soups such as lentil, and creamy soups such as pumpkin and tomato. Soup for me is all about the technique and I don't have recipes, just vague ideas. I see what's in the house, and I through ingredients in a pot. I should start writing my soup recipes down.

Potatoes. As soon as the weather turns colder I start to think about roasted potatoes. I roasted a chicken with some potatoes the other day. There's no more chicken left, but the leftover potatoes with gravy makes an incredible supper. Yes. Occasionally I only eat potatoes for supper!

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