Monday, September 25, 2006

Other Infusion Herbs

In an earlier post I talked about how to make infusions. Well, stinging nettle isn't the only herb that is great as an infusion. Here are some more:

  • Red raspberry leaves- When preparing the infusion, mix one cup dried red raspberry with 1 tsp. dried mint. Red raspberry is high in tannic acid which can taste bitter. Red raspberry is a great herb for the female reproductive system.
  • Oatstraw- This is another great infusion herb. It is particularly good for the nervous system. Prepare the same way as the stinging nettle infusion. No mint is required because it has a mild taste.
  • Mullein- Mullein is also high in tannic acid so you will want to prepare this infusion the same way with mint, as described above. This is the herb to use if you have lung complaints such as asthma and chronic coughs.

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