Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I like exercise, finally

After weeks of forcing myself to go to the gym, I finally like exercising again. At lunch today I had a Greek coffee and I think that had something to do with the workout I had. I went to this muscle conditioning class and we jumped rope. I felt like I could jump forever and I felt like a kid again.

Has the scale moved? No, not yet. But atleast I'm having fun. I am also logging what I eat, but I am not as worried about my diet for the moment. I am just concentrating on maintaining a workout schedule. One thing at a time.

Here are my workouts so far:

Monday: 25 minutes on the stepper, 30 minutes weights
Tuesday: Muscle conditioning class- high impact aerobics mixed with weights
Wednesday: Projected workout: 25 minutes on the stepper, 30 minutes abs and lower back followed by stretching.

I was supposed to climb Mt. Rainier, but injuries have prevented me from being productive so I had to back out.

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