Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Training for a Marathon - My Long Runs

The clock is ticking. The Vienna marathon is on April 27. Am I prepared? I think I'll be okay. But, I need to get in two more long runs before I start to taper. One run will be 14 miles, another will be 18 miles. And that's all I'm doing.

But when am I going to do them? I have to do my 14 mile run sometime this week. I looked at the weather and today is too windy. It's supposed to rain on the weekend except on Sunday. So, I guess I'll do it on Sunday.

Here's my workout schedule:

Wednesday (Today):6 mile run, bodyweight exercises

Thursday: 6 mile run, bodyweight exercises

Friday: walk, bodyweight exercises

Saturday: rest

Sunday: 14 mile run

Time is ticking. I need to get these runs in so I can taper my mileage before the marathon!

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