Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Daily Walk in the Woods

I've started this little tradition - I take a daily walk in the woods. I do it both for fitness, and to connect with nature. We live disconnected lives. I sit in front of the computer all day, do housework and run errands.

But it is so important to spend some time outdoors. It helps me stay in touch with the herbalist side. And, this is an exciting time. I go out every day to look for signs of life and that spring is coming. I want to see the plants push up out of the earth.

In about another month, I bet the leaves will start popping out and the spring plants will be in bloom. Some things are starting to come up, like daffodils. But I think spring may be late.

My walk is a 3-4 mile trek in some conservation lands by my house. If there's no one around, I stop halfway and do some calisthenics, too.


Alchemille said...

This is inspiring to me...I used to walk much more, especially when I was still living in my parents' house. It was in a partial countryside with some woods so I used to wander and try to identify (sometimes even harvest) wild edibles and medicinal plants.
Since then I moved somewhere else where things are much different,
I work from home and sit on the computer way to much. We have a local "green belt" (man made unfortunately) that gives me some peace of mind and a touch of green.
I intend to start walking there everyday and maybe once a week go up to my favorite local park to have lunch there (eventually bring tea and a book) and connect with the tree spirits...There's an ancient elder grove that grows on sand (highly unusual). All the trees there have twisted trunks, a friend of mine believe that there's an ancient and still active vortex beneath the park ;).

barb michelen said...
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Katherine Huether said...


I was about to skip my walk today but reading your inspiring blog comment has gotten me wanting to go!