Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Natural Living, Weight Loss, Herbal Remedies - My Big Welcome!

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Living naturally is the first blog I ever started. I never did shut this blog down when I stopped writing here and I must say, I miss it! I thought I'd move on to starting a blog on its own domain but you know what? I just started a blog on making money online and I essentially didn't even have a space where I could share my herbal knowledge with all of you aside from my eHow articles.

But I've decided to come back.

My Weight Loss Journey

I've recently started getting reacquainted with living a healthy life. I haven't been in shape for some time (well, I'm in shape - but I just don't look that great in a bikini at the moment). So part of the reason I decided to start posting here again is to share with you all my progress.

I haven't weight myself in a few months - not because I'm scared - I know what the scale will say - but because my scale has been packed in a box for a very long time. But if I do this weight loss thing right, I won't need a scale. I'll be able to tell by the way I look and the way my clothes fit when progress is made.

And Yes, I'll Share Herbal Stuff Too

It's simply too fun not to share, don't you agree? Herbal remedies are accessible and fun. I love wildcrafting when I can, blending my own tea blends, and in general living as healthy of a lifestyle as possible.

You see, I got away from this for a while - that's why I gained weight. But I'm putting a stop to it. The same time I'm getting in touch with my Herbalist self, I suspect I'll lose weight. The two are definitely related.

Anyway, just thought I'd write an update. I don't quite no what my plan is yet... other than eating right and exercising. If I try to have too many rules, it has the opposite affect for me.

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