Wednesday, October 19, 2005

European Slim

When we moved back to the US from Germany, I weighed 115 pounds. Since living in the states, I've gained ten pounds. I am going to slim down again. Here is what I did then, and my current plan to fix it.
  • walked everywhere
  • ate lots of wild plant foods
  • drank lots of herbal, green, and rooibus tea
  • jogged 3 miles, 3 times a week
  • strength trained twice a week
  • ate lots of fruits and vegetables, yogurt, small amounts of cheese, nuts, and good protein sources

My current plan is same as above, but I need to change around the exercise portion because I need to train for something. More on that later.

  • walk 3 miles a day
  • jog 5 miles, 3 x a week (in case I decide to run another marathon)
  • strength train 4 times a week, two days upper body, two days lower body, each day core. (I need to train to climb a mountain and the first step of that is to build more muscle mass)
  • Until I recover from the marathon, though, I won't be jogging so for now I will hop on the exercise bike each time I go to the gym.
  • eat a little more protein than is my usual to assist in muscle formation

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