Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fall is Here

Labor day weekend has come and gone. We traveled to Acadia National Park up near Bar Harbor, ME and were met with some gorgeous weather. On the way back I saw a young maple tree with vibrant, red leaves. Fall is here!

I can't wait to begin baking. Apples, cranberries, squash- these are my favorite harvest treats to cook with. I anticipate my first cranberry pecan loaf, or my first apple pie of the season. This year I resolve to pick my own apples. Mmm. Apple pie baked fresh from the tree. I can't wait to test recipes and perfect and hone my pie-making technique.

Stay tuned. This has been a busy, hot summer. Now that the days are shorter and the nights are cooler there will be plenty of time to write and bake.

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Sonya said...

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Keep up the super articles!